Become a Drone PRO. 
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If you want to make money with a Drone! 
  • Includes: "The Drone", "Cinema Drone School", "The Drone Business", "Virtual Job Shadow", "Feedback Friday" Modules
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount (Save $360 Year)
  • Exclusive Feedback Friday ($500 Value)
  • Drone Job Calculator ($297 Value)
  • Drone Pro Workbook ($197 Value)
  • Drone Super Luts ($147 Value)
  • Access to Private Drone Netowrk / Support Drone Family (1400 + Member Group)
  • Bonus! FAA Part 107 Bootcamp ($350 Value)

If you want to get Epic Drone Shots! 
  • Includes "The Drone", "Cinema Drone School" Modules 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Student Discount (Save $360 Year)
  • Exclusive Feedback Friday ($500 Value)\
  • Access to Private Drone Netowrk / Support Drone Family (1400 + Member Group)
  • Drone Super Luts ($147 Value)
What our members have to say about Drone PRO Academy!
**The testimonials below are non-paid and were given because they love this program :)**
"I was a bit hesitant at first when I watched the free webinar pitch that hyped us up on signing up for DPA. I thought that it's quite a bit of money for such an online course. I must say my doubts were soon squashed as soon as I discovered the wealth of information available to me as a member. The Facebook members group is 100% invaluable and only adds to the overall value of the course. I am able to get almost immediate answers to all my drone industry questions when I post them to the FB group. If you're just getting into the drone industry, DPA is worth every penny and I highly recommend becoming a member. Thanks Chris Newman for all you do!!!!"
Don Curo
Sky Eye Cinema LLC
"This is the best money I have spent as a business Owner. I was skeptical at first. I had a lot of previous experience with video and cameras, so naturally I wondered if it would be worth it. It is 100% worth it! Chris Newman cares about this community. The facebook group is the best. Its very informative and industry focused. Thankyou"
Todd Ruffin
"If you are thinking about starting out in the sUAS industry or even if you are already have got to sign up for this course. It covers everything you could possibly imagine and then some! Chris Newman is an amazing instructor and has an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience. I haven't seen anything else like this online (or anywhere). The best investment I have made yet!"
Michael Finn
Smile On Life Photography
"I can't say enough good things about this course! It explains in detail just about everything you need to know about flying a UAV for filming. Chris is very personable, has a vast knowledge of the business, and is always open to new ideas and suggestions. I even had the pleasure of speaking with him over the phone for more detailed info on a few subjects. Two very big thumbs up!!!"
Jay Hovanec
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